Beginner-friendly prices, sensei-level results

We turn small business owners into big ones with our small monthly subscription and a tiny cut of the massive growth Anomate generates for you.

A unique pricing model for unique brands

We Flex to Your Growth

Our pricing model is different from the rest, why? You get UNLIMITED contacts and emails with every
package, so your marketing needs do not get compromised. And you pay a small flat fee and the
tiniest percentage over the monthly revenue Anomate generates for you.

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A flat fee for all our packages, and a tiny percentage over your monthly revenue. You pay us as your revenue grows: the higher the revenue, the lower the %. A total win-win 😍

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What’s included?
  • Mini Biz Rejuve
    (A.K.A The Prius)
    Starts at
    per month + £195 one-off fee
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  • Mid-sized Biz in Vogue
    (A.K.A The Land Cruiser)
    Starts at
    per month + £295 one-off fee
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  • Mighty Biz Overhaul
    (A.K.A The Ultimate Bugatti Veyron)
    Starts at
    per month + £495 one-off fee
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  • Services
  • Bespoke design
  • Bespoke copywriting
  • Email optimisation
  • A/B/C/D testing copy
  • Multiple marketing lists
  • Reports
  • Unlimited number of emails sent
  • Unlimited number of contacts stored
  • Reports dashboard
  • Customer insights
  • Customer CRM
  • 24/7 chat support via ticket
  • Onboarding manager
  • Account manager
  • Campaigns
  • Cart abandonment reminder
  • Win back old customers
  • Welcome new customers
  • Generate subscribers
  • Back-in-stock notifications
  • Upsell customers
  • Boost 3rd party reviews
  • Multi offer popup
  • Spin to win
  • Price drop notification
  • Customer surveys
  • Product feedback
  • Email product details
  • Price drop notifications
  • Group buy
  • Giveaway raffle
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Social media posting

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