Boost with Honest Reviews

This campaign taps into customer feedback to build trust and boost sales. It encourages your customers to leave real product reviews. These reviews give you valuable insights and act as social proof. By doing this, you can improve what you offer and build stronger trust with your customers. This leads to better engagement and more sales.

  • How does it work?
    • Anomate zips out timely emails, nudging your customers to review their latest buys.
    • With a super easy review process, your customers can spill the beans on their experience, letting you tackle any hiccups pronto.
    • Encourage your customers to share their stories, pumping up trust in your products.
  • What’s included?
    • Seamless integration with your e-commerce platform.
    • Set-and-forget automated workflow.
    • Personalised email content, tweakable by hand or with a bit of AI wizardry.
    • Automated review collection workflow.
    • Reusable and customisable widgets, adding an extra layer of interaction and personalisation.
    • Real-time analytics to keep tabs on how your campaign’s doing.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is customer feedback managed in the Product Review Campaign?

    Positive reviews are encouraged to be shared on third-party platforms like Trustpilot or Google. In contrast, negative feedback prompts a survey for more details, which remains internal. This approach helps address any issues directly and improves customer satisfaction.

  • What happens after a customer submits a negative review?

    When a customer rates a product 3 stars or below, they are directed to a survey for detailed feedback. This information is sent directly to the store owner. Subsequently, the customer receives an apology email, often accompanied by a goodwill gesture like a coupon, to acknowledge and address their unsatisfactory experience.

  • Can I customise the surveys and emails in this campaign?

    Yes, you have the option to create or modify surveys and tailor the content of various emails, including review requests, reminders, thank you, and compensation emails. This customisation ensures that all communications align with your brand and effectively address customer feedback.

  • How can I track the reviews and feedback received through this campaign?

    The campaign dashboard provides a detailed view of customer feedback. You can access a table displaying each review, with the option to see more details. This feature allows you to monitor customer responses, gauge overall satisfaction, and make informed decisions based on the feedback.

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