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Raffle Giveaway campaign aims to create an exciting engagement opportunity for customers, encouraging them to subscribe and participate. It’s designed to enhance customer interaction, increase the subscriber base, and provide a fun, rewarding experience that strengthens brand loyalty.

  • How does it work?
    • Set up your raffle by providing dates, times, and prizes.
    • Customise the pop-ups and landing page, deciding where these elements will be displayed on your store.
    • Choose your prize, selecting from products in your catalogue or defining custom prizes, with consolation coupons for those who don’t win.
    • Customers can enter the raffle through the landing page and pop-ups on your website.
    • Sit back and relax. Anomate takes care of everything from tracking entries to selecting winners, ensuring the process is seamless and efficient.
  • What’s included?
    • Set-and-forget automated workflow.
    • Customisable landing pages and pop-ups for raffle entry.
    • Personalised email content, tweakable by hand or with a bit of AI wizardry.
    • Options to select prizes from the store’s catalog or set custom rewards.
    • Consolation coupons for participants who don’t win the main prize.Real-time analytics to track engagement and success of the campaign.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can participants increase their chances of winning?

    Yes, participants can boost their chances of winning by inviting friends through email, sharing the contest on social media, or using a unique link generated after their subscription. Each action accumulates more entries for them in the raffle.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the raffle?

    During the raffle setup, you can specify participant eligibility criteria, such as minimum age and location. This helps ensure that the raffle complies with legal requirements and targets the appropriate audience.

  • Is there a limit to the number of raffles we can run simultaneously?

    The ability to run multiple raffles at the same time depends on your chosen package. Each package has specific limits on the number of concurrent raffles you can host, offering flexibility based on your campaign needs.

  • What kind of data can I access about the raffle's performance?

    The campaign dashboard provides comprehensive data, including the total number of subscribers, daily subscription rates, and the number of winners. This information is crucial for evaluating the success of your raffle and planning future campaigns.

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