Expert results,
beginner’s effort.

Imagine an eCommerce world where you set up a full marketing campaign in just one day, without being a digital expert. 🌟


The fastest route from clicks to conversions. Your marketing done-for-you

Anomate operates just like a finely-tuned vehicle - smooth, efficient, and a pleasure to navigate. This all-in-one platform has your targeted marketing campaigns covered - from inception to completion - paving the way for your e-commerce triumph. So, you can concentrate on the thrilling part - taking the driver's seat and steering your business to success.


This tool is for you only if you are serious and ready to exponentially grow your business (and can handle the massive success that is about to come your way).

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It's time to take control. Be the marketing maestro overnight.

You may already have a marketing team in place. You may even be achieving decent results. However, wrestling with outdated drag-and-drop builders to create targeted campaigns, having to constantly update your old campaigns to align with your current product offerings and promotions - honestly, it's an unnecessary headache. Surely, there's got to be a more streamlined, efficient solution, right?
Loaded with fast-launch campaigns and emails, Anomate plans customer journeys. Your role? Simply add the icing on the cake.
Covering all e-commerce bases; from marketing emails to aftercare, uplifting reviews, customer stories, and captivating games. Anomate isn't just a tool, it's your business' backbone.
Marketing Without the Hassle

Unleash the power of high-volume,
personalised campaigns

Win back old customers

Baby, give me one more chance. Engage with your old customers and offer them something they can’t refuse.

Cart abandonment reminder

Give your customers the gentle nudge they need to make the purchase.

Product review

You don’t need to air your dirty laundry. Boost the positive reviews, and work on the negative reviews internally.

Price drop notification

Few things make us smile: a warm cup of coffee, birthday presents, and a notification that tells us our favorite product is on sale.
Marketing without the hassle

We’re not here to waste your time or money.
We’re here to deliver results

Tasks which previously used to take a long time can now be automated with just a few simple clicks. Email marketing has never been simpler and allows my team to focus on other aspects of promoting the business.

Matthew Gleeson Digital Marketing Strategist
Tasks which previously used to take a long time can now be automated with just a few simple clicks. Email marketing has never been simpler and allows my team to focus on other aspects of promoting the business.
Matthew Gleeson
Matthew Gleeson
Digital Marketing Strategist
Anomate has helped us to generate additional income without having to spend inordinate amounts of time on our marketing strategy. It offers incredible value for money.
Brianna Patton
Brianna Patton
What really impressed us is how quickly it was to get Anomate up and running. In just five minutes we managed to send an email reminder which recovered almost 10% of abandoned carts. We can’t wait to dig deeper and see the rest
Mark Grimshaw
Mark Grimshaw
Site Administrator
After just one month of using Anomate, it’s helped boost our eCommerce revenue significantly. With so much functionality and tools available, our team has been able to tackle everything from cross-selling to remarketing.
Daniel Telford
Daniel Telford
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Missing Testimonial
Marketing Without the Hassle

6 more reasons you need
anomate in your life

Email journeys

Stand out using personalised, done-for-you email journeys to reclaim abandoned carts and win new customers.

AI-driven automation

Generate twice the traffic + sales with AI-driven automation that triggers emails based on customer behavior.

Email campaigns

Get ready-made email campaigns that read less like a manual and more like a human.

Get insights

Use analytical + survey insights to fine-tune your products/processes and boost customer engagement.

Re-engage your clients

Spot at-risk clients and throw targeted emails to help them re-engage.

Know your customers

Get a richer, in-depth picture of your current + potential customers.

It’s a marketing platform
you’ll actually enjoy using. Let us prove it to you.

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